Responsive IT

Focus on Your Business – Not Your Technology

Like all businesses, you depend on your network. Have you ever needed to send an important email or access vital information, but the system or data was inaccessible? Traditional support models have you call for help, and wait for a technician to be dispatched to troubleshoot the problem. In some cases, making multiple trips for parts! This model forfeits precious uptime for diagnosis, travel and repair – all on your dime. We’ve put an end to that.

Our responsive offering gives you the assurance that your organization’s IT infrastructure receives the required level of support. Built on the strength of our suite of tools and our renowned customer service, we respond rapidly to changes in the health of your network and applications, and to your requests for help. Efficient troubleshooting means that we get you up-and-running faster than ever.

Our enterprise-class IT support and monitoring capabilities empower us to dramatically reduce the time it takes to diagnose and resolve network problems or failures. This translates into increased employee productivity and cost savings for you. In some cases, problems can be avoided before they even happen.

Do these issues plague your business?

  • No technology plan? Does your organization lack a strategy for how technology can best serve it into the future?
  • IT budget crunch? Under pressure reduce IT costs, increase value or maximize profitability?
  • Network neglected? Is yours perceived as a “necessary evil” and not as integral to improving business performance?

Program Advantages:

  • Prevention of network problems and failures: Through early detection of impending issues, we can work to resolve many issues before they can affect your network and your employees’ productivity.
  • Reduced network downtime through proactive maintenance: Through regular, preventative maintenance activities designed to keep your network operating efficiently, we reduce the number of emergency incidents you encounter.
  • Costs less than having your own IT support staff: Avoid the hassle of setting up and maintaining an internal IT Department: Hire us to be your IT Partner – our solution doesn’t get sick and doesn’t take vacation.

Program Features:

  • 24×7 Performance Monitoring ensures all of the critical network devices that comprise your small business network are healthy and functioning reliably and optimally.
  • Monitoring of Your Backup Solution ensures the backup of your important corporate data occurs as scheduled and without error, protecting your organization from data damage or loss.
  • Server Configuration Management provides the utmost in security and productivity by designing, deploying and enforcing standardized server configurations.
  • Wireless Messaging System Maintenance ensures uninterrupted communication for your mobile workforce.
  • Antivirus Monitoring and Updates on Servers and Workstations ensures your antivirus programs are functioning properly and that the latest industry security updates to your systems are being received and installed.
  • PC Health and Performance Monitoring verifies your organization’s computers are running in a stable and secure fashion. We monitoring for health, error conditions, and overall performance of PCs.


Standard Features


PC Care & Maintenance Ongoing preventative maintenance of your PCs to make them reliable and secure
Networking Control Monitoring and continuing maintenance of your LAN, WAN, domain and VPN
IT Consulting Network health reports, regular IT strategy meetings and procurement assistance
License Compliance Verifying the software you own is what is really being used by your employees
Remote Response Technicians work remotely on your network to resolve issues
Total Backup Guaranteed continuity of your critical business services and data
Complete Server Monitoring Monitoring of the health and performance of your servers and shared applications
Standard Reporting Network health reporting and quarterly reviews with our experts
Data Recovery Recovery services to retrieve vital, lost information after a failure or crash
Unlimited Network Support Unlimited maintenance, response and emergency support of your entire network
Wireless Networking Total management of your business’ wireless infrastructure
Security Necessities A secured network perimeter, policies and managed virus protection

 Stop Buying Downtime – Invest in Uptime