The internet can be a dangerous and scary place, but Computer Port can protect you against the threats of malware and hackers. Just because you don’t travel to sites riddled with spyware doesn’t mean your system is safe without appropriate anti-virus software. Even trusted websites can infect your system if they are compromised by advertisement based hacks or exploits. Computer Port uses the award winning AVG Anti-Virus security software which combines some of the highest levels of protection with a completely automatic and easy to use interface.
Sometimes the best virus protection isn’t enough, in times like these when user error or a particularly malicious virus breaks the containment of anti-virus software Computer Port can remove viruses and protect personal data from infection through the state of the art virus removal laboratory, keeping your data safe and restoring your computer to health in a timely and secure manner.
Viruses and malware aren’t the only threats out there, unsecured wireless networks, user accounts without passwords, unsecured network shares and many other lesser known threats provide an opening those with a will to, to get into your system and access your data and possibly cause irreparable damage. Computer Port’s network experts can secure your networks and your systems and prevent active threats like these from becoming a problem.

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